"Over 100,000 hours Of Scientific Research And Experiments. We've Finally Cracked The Telekinesis Code..."

Your frustration of not being able to move "heavy" objects or dealing with extremely harmful side effects ends Today...


Hi, I'm Sifu Amin Jani

I've been an avid researcher of metaphysics, chi kung and meditation work for the last 30years. I've stumbled upon the ability of telekinesis when I was 25years old. Since than I started putting my demonstrations on youtube. Created an online forum and quickly became one of the biggest teachers in the world that teaches this unique ability. I've been blessed to have 2 apprentices, and several hundred students since 2010. However...I've witnessed and personally experienced several harmful problems that come along when you unlock this special ability,,,

Telekinesis Training Is Highly Dangerous...

What do I mean by that?

Telekinesis or energy work is like building a muscle.

The more you practice the stronger your power gets.

That is if...

You are cultivating energy the right way.

I will say it again.

You can gain more energy if you cultivate energy the right way.

There Are Two

Types Of Energies

"Yin" And "Yang"

Balancing Out

These Two Energies

Is What

Unlocks Telekinesis...

Most People Have No Clue How To Cultivate And Merge "Yin" And "Yang"Energies...

The majority of people who practice telekinesis spend hours upon hours sending energy to an object to see little to no results...

These types of practices(similar to energy healing) can cause all sorts of health problems, and can make the practitioner severely ill and fatigued,

I'm sure you can relate if you've practiced pk before.

-headaches, migraines

-chest pains

-energetically feeling weak

And many more unusual sensations can occur as a result of this type of training...

Worse yet some people have used these extreme telekinetic powers to try and heal others and they've ended up killing themselves...you don't want to experience things like that do you??

But let's be real...

The biggest frustration that all telekinetic practitioners face is simply this!

To not be able to move heavy objects.

See...I don't care what level your telekinetic powers are at.

Whether you can barely move a psi wheel without a glass container, or you are hand waving a straw in order to move a straw(or any rollable objects)

Or maybe...

You are already an expert telekinetic and are able to move really heavy objects under a glass container or something.

Even if that is you.

I promise you my methods are very unique, and absolutely anyone can obtain tremendous power if you follow the system.

Here's the honest truth...

I've been very secretive with my techniques and strategies. I've been extremely selective on who I've shared my secrets with.

But I believe now is the perfect time in history to unveil the real power of telekinesis.

Because the world is changing at a rapid rate.

More people are looking in to holistic health, and energy work than ever before.

I believe it is my moral duty to show the world what us humans are truly capable of.

The Jani Method Telekinesis Demos

Moving A Pingpong Ball


Levitating A Cotton


Moving A Psi Wheel


Levitating Crumbs


Flipping Book Pages


The Jani Method Telekinesis Modules

Module 1 : The Looping Technique

This module goes over the basics of how to project your energy to the object. This allows you to attach your consciousness to whatever you are trying to influence and you'll get a clear understanding on how telekinesis actually takes place.

Module 2 : The Power Of Sounds

In this module you'll learn the power of binaural beats, and how certain esoteric chants can charge up your pineal gland. You'll learn the right type of sounds that is effective for pk and what is not. The sounds makes a huge difference and is a hugely underutilized tool to make tk very successful.

Module 3 : Breathe/Meditation

Breathe is energy. Literally. The right type of breathing exercises allows you to cultivate the right type of energy. Combine this with my special meditation technique your energy center will grow in ways you can't even believe. This is not just good for PK but for your overall health as well.

Module 4 : Increasing Your Ability To Concentrate

Telekinesis requires a very high level of concentration in order to work effectively. This is one of the things that literally no other teacher talks about in the community. With my special technique your ability to focus and stay mentally sharp will dramatically increase.

Module 5 : Aetheric Dozen

This is an incredibly powerful module that allows you to tap in to the aether. This will allow you to feel energy at an extremely high level which makes pk effortless.

Module 6 : Maoyou Circuit

This modules will teach you how to increase the body's overall nerve fibers the proper way. Frankly...this technique is arguably all you need to do in order to cultivate high levels of energy.

Module 7 : Psi Ball

Do you want to learn to make a psi ball so strong that your hands feel like it's literally going to burn? This module is basic, but don't let that fool you. The right psi ball alone can sometimes move some really heavy objects.

Module 8 : Empathy With Objects

Most people have no idea how to build a true connection with an object. I'm going to reveal some techniques that are literally going to make you feel like you are the object. I must warn you...this sensation be really scary...Be aware.

Module 9 : Mind Touch

This is the final technique. Mind touching has literally been my ultimate secret I've never shared with anyone. Not even my closest students. You will learn to touch an object with your mind as if you are literally touching an object with your physical body. This is like empathy on steroids. This is killer.

That's not all...

Jani Method Bonus Modules that can help supplement your training.

Bonus 1

Lucid Dreaming

I can teach you the exact powerful brainwaves. Meditation techniques often not talked about, and a technique so easy that you will be able to fall asleep regardless of how you are feeling at the moment.

Bonus 2

Astral Projection

Can you imagine walking through walls? Can you imagine going to any place you want in the world? Can this be done safely? I got you covered.

Bonus 3 How to Fill The Dantian

I'm going to show you how to fill the dantian not in the way the Mo Pai guy teaches, but how my zhang zhuang master has taught. It is honestly much safer and more effective this way in my opinion.

Bonus 4

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is so much fun. But did you know opening the third eye can be very dangerous? Once you learn to safely open the third eye your life can be really amazing. Did you know you can predict the lottery with this ability too? Yup the possibilities are endless.

Bonus 5 Telepathy

I can teach you how to telepathically communicate with your pets, wild animals even plants. It is an amazing practice. You can really truly learn to be a loving person when you master telepathy. And of course...you can do this with humans as well.

Bonus 6


Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? Have you ever heard of the secret? I'm going to teach you how to really truly manifest whatever it is that you want. Not just money. A dream job, dream partner. Amazing synchronicities. Anything you desire. Make life magical.

Bonus 7


Spells are heavily underrated and underutilized. You can enhance all your psychic abilities and be able to do some amazing things by putting you in to a trance. I will teach you some amazing Magick techniques.


Is this training for beginners?

Yes. It's for all levels.

How soon can I see results?

That depends your dedication level and how strong your energy level is.

Can I get a refund?

No refunds are given.

Real Success Story Of Student Ken J

"Sifu Amin Jani helped me take my telekinesis to the next level."